Mur River, Austria

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Targer Fish:
Trout, Grayling, Hucho

Water Type:

Size list: 1 person/4 days fishing

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In Austria, the Mur River is known as one of the best fly fishing rivers in Europe. If you enjoy catching trophy size Grayling, Trout, and Danube Hucho fish, then this is the destination for you. A 20km section of the river, owned by Erich Amplatz ( between Apfelberg and Gobenitz is filled with beautiful pools and curves, perfect for nymph and dry-fly fishing. With a little bit of luck and skill, you can catch Graylings 45-50cm in length as well as nice size Brown and Rainbow Trout.

We are now accepting booking adventures for late fall, please email us at for reservations.

Prices are as follow:

·       1 person / 4 days fishing with guide is only 1490 euro (220 euro/day for additional days)

·       2 people / 4 days fishing with guide is only 1790 euro (895 euro per person, 150 euro/day per person for additional days)

·       3 people / 4 days fishing with guide is only 1990 euro (665 euro per person, 125 euro/day per person for additional days)

·       4 people / 4 days fishing with guide is only 2290 euro (572 euro per person, 115 euro/day per person for additional days)


Included in the pricing above is the following:

·       Transfer from Wien Airport to Sankt Lorenzen bei Knittelfeld/ tour-return

·       Fly fishing guiding

·       Fly tying classes

·       Organizing and managing the fishing trip (reserving the accommodation, fishing license, Etc.)

·       Transportation to and from fishing areas

Not included in you booking are the following:

·       Fishing permit of 120 euro/person/day. Permits are available at

·       Accommodations with separate rooms, breakfast included (Restaurant Gastehaus Seiger) (around 60 euro/day/ per person)

·       Lunch and dinner (you can buy sandwiches and water in local shops. After fishing, dinner is available at the hotel)

·       Fly fishing equipment (fishing rods, reels, lines, leaders, flies. (You can rent from us for 50 euro/day/ per person )

·       Waders and boots (mandatory)(you can rent from us wading boots for 25 euro/day/per person)

·       Travel and health insurances

Recommended equipment for a better experience:

·       Min 10’ Nymphing rod with reel, class 4/5

·      8,6' -10’ Dry fly fishing rod with reel, class 4/5#

·       9’- 10' trout streamer rod with reel, class 5/6

·       Leaders/ tippet 4X, 5X, 6X

Dry flies:


Trout streamers: