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About Us

Friendships are special and friendships made during fishing last forever. BorisFly founders, Szabo Andras and Gyorfi Zsolt met by the riverside more than 20 years ago. During this time they strengthened their friendship and their love and knowledge of fly fishing.

"We knew that we had found our favorite leisure activity. We were fishing during the day and tying flies at night, always looking for a way to spend more time on our hobby" says cofounder Andras. "Fly fishing is an excellent way to enjoy the beauty of nature and escape the "hustle" of everyday life," says cofounder Zsolt

Fly fishing and fly tying is no longer a hobby but has become more of a lifestyle for us at BorisFly. Experience and practice over the years have allowed us to perfect our craft on different fly tying techniques. We take pride in the success and accolades of cofounder   Gyorfi Zsolt, who won first place in both the Nymphs Category at the 2015 EFFA World Tournament and the Dry Fly Category at the 2018, 2019 EWF Munich.

In 2016 the brand "BorisFly" was created. Our mission is to create high-end exclusive flies to enhance your fly fishing experience. By selecting the best materials, combined with our tying techniques we can meet and often exceed the expectations of our customers. Using our unique filter system, our website allows the customer to choose the perfect artificial flies to suit your needs.


Györfi Zsolt and Szabó András